Welcome to Mary's Mountain Horses

Mary's Mountain Horses are born and bred at Whispering Oaks Farm which is owned by Mary Lipginski. Whispering Oaks Farm specializes in the training and selling of quality, gaited Mountain Horses. You will find that Mary's horses are selected and bred for their temperament, versatility, gait and worthiness for the trail and show arena.

In order to expose them to the elements and to improve their versatility many of our horses have been ridden many miles on the ridges and trails of this region and...our horses  have also excelled in the show ring. We follow the United Mountain and Rocky Mountain Horse show circuits where many horses from Whispering Oaks Farm have found their way to the "Winner's Circle" and have been crowned State, International and World Champions.

The farm has many beautiful quality geldings, mares, foals and stallions, all of which depict the traditional traits of the Mountain Horse breed. The Mountain Horses come in a variety of colors including; Perlino, Chocolates, Cremellos, Buckskins, Gray, Roans, Blue Roans, Chocolate Roans and more. At Whispering Oaks Farm our stallions and mares are handpicked to breed the best to the best to produce the very best.

Our stallion Sky's on Fire has produced many beautiful roans in his short breeding career.  He has produced his first palomino.  This union was produced with shipped semen to a mare in Canada.  

We added the "Rockies" (Mountain Horses) to our farm because of their style, beauty, sweet - gentle disposition and their nice four beat gait. To almost float along on a gaited horse is the ride of a lifetime but the Mountain Horses do it best.

Please come and visit us at Whispering Oaks Farm of KY where it is still a "A Tradition of Excellence".

- Mary Lipginski