About Us

Our farm was founded in 1902 by the K. C. Rogers family as a general farm facility. The descendents of Karnes Rogers still own and operate the farm. We are the Lipginski family and our farm Whispering Oaks Farm of KY is located in Spencer County near Taylorsville KY. The farm is also close to Louisville and Lexington, KY.

We added Rocky Mountain Horses to our farm because of their style, beauty, sweet and gentle disposition and because of their nice four beat gait. It is a ride of a life time- to float along on a gaited horse and the Rocky Mountain Horse is the best of the gaited breeds.

Our foals are imprinted at birth and are approachable in the field. They are taught to lead, load, pick up their feet and do obstacles at an early age. Our horses do very well in trail obstacle classes at horse shows as well as in conformation classes.

Come and visit us as you are always welcome.