Sky's on Fire

Breeding fee $500

Careful thought goes into the breeding of every mare that we have here at Whispering Oaks Farm.  Consideration of gait, temperament, conformation and gentics are weighed and decided upon.  Whispering Oaks Farm is proud to offer two wonderful stallions for breeding.  You will love the foals that come from these two.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  

                                          Skys On Fire

---------------------------Sky's on Fire----------------------------------------

What a stallion  Sky is a red chocolate roan aka Silver Bay Roan  by Sonny's Silver Dollar and out of Stewarts Merrileggs.  He is one of the calmest stallions I have ever seen.  He goes out on the trails with mares in heat and he is a perfect gentlemen.  He is calm and gentle.  He is sire to beautiful foals which he is imprinting with his temperment and conformation.  He is also throwing a high percentage of roans.  He is a producer of blue roans, red chocolate roans and several chocolate roans. He has also produced a palomino.  We have live cover or shipped semen.  His breeding fee is $500.

Plan a visit to the farm to see him in person and see this amazing stallion for yourself. Bring him some Nachos and he will love you forever. 

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